Determines Your Ip Address And Shows Information

If you find that your Internet has slowed down significantly and you do not have any problems with your computer, you may have neighbors accessing your wireless network. Without a secure network, this is very likely.

If status lights are not accessible – your situation may be such that you do not have access to the status lights. You can use the following method to quickly verify that two computers on your network are connected as they should. This method is for the Windows operating systems, although it works basically the same way with Mac and Linux operating systems.

You also need network interface cards (or NICs) in any computer, printer, or any other device you want to use on the network. These can be your standard 10/100 Ethernet cards or 802.11b / g cards that can be used for a wireless network. If you are building a wired network, you can use Ethernet devices at speeds of 10 MB or 100 MB. They are both so cheap that there is really no reason not to go for the 100MB equipment. These devices generally support devices that also run in the older standard. There are also Gigabit Ethernet, but this is prohibitively expensive for many buildings a home network.

Step 2 – From the main menu, select the Administration tab and scroll down to the “Password setting”. This will take you to a field where you can configure a new key for your connection. It is recommended to choose a strong code word for security. Type the same word in the “Password Re-type” box. Click “Save setting option” at the bottom of the web page. This will lead you to a notification that you have changed your old password. is a default IP address used by different NAT devices in private networks such as routers. Some other default IP addresses include and As we said at the beginning, the areas of this IP are defined by RFC 1918. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for keeping these and other numbers reserved in their respective areas for private network use.

Working with IP to connect 2 PCs to a computer network without wires is not really difficult. If you use a Wi-Fi equipment, quickly add the Wifi network adapter to each individual laptop or computer next, plug the wireless router into the cable box. Connect only one of the computers to the selected wireless router. In this case, search the IP of the WLAN router or via the browser. There it will ask for a username as well as password, enter this.

The individual network systems are generally recognized by their particular public address and it is good to know that routers often have an IP from their internet service provider.

It should be made clear that only qualified network system administrators should have access to properties and their functions, as the creation of modifications to these modules may affect the computer systems integrated with the entire network. Likewise, any attempt to resolve difficulties or problems with this IP address should be left to the Administrator or qualified / assigned personnel. also serves as a standard gateway for various types of PC devices. Default gateways allow subnets to send and receive information among themselves., as a default gateway works this way.